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I’m waiting on the day…

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Hey there again.

So it’s definitely been a while since I’ve been up on this glorious website here. Basic Training was a serious journey with plenty of downs and a fair share of its ups. But I can seriously say I’m so grateful to have gone through that experience. It’s made me a stronger person physically as I learned the basics in being a soldier and stronger mentally and emotionally. 

I didn’t benefit from it alone either, Kelly got a lot out of this experience to, both of us becoming stronger people individually and within our marriage, and I couldn’t be anymore happy for the things that have come and will come with us choosing this lifestyle.

Cheers to the future  :)

Dave and Busters!! #bigkid

My #wcw my beautiful wife @nimrod14 🙊


#realBBQ #TEXAS @tuckyducky9 good call.

Wooooo!!🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂 #bullriding #adrenaline (at Stockyards Championship Rodeo)

Whatcha know ‘bout a Rodeo and Bull Ridin’!🐂 (at Stockyards Championship Rodeo)

#InAndOutBurger for the first time! @nimrod14 🍔 (at In-N-Out Burger)

Early spring buds!☀️